Why hasn’t that been done yet?

Because the prerequisite for the advantages of this new fashion world is on-demand production, for which you have to produce locally, quickly and cost-efficiently. This is not feasible as long as the core sewing process is still carried out manually. This is the key to mass customization. Previously, it was not possible to automate the sewing process because robots could not process the flexible fabric. They have to bring the fabric into a fixed position and determine the position of the components at any time.

“Who’s really serious about software has to build his own hardware.”

—Allan Kay

With our solution this problem is solved.

The production takes place in a hall in which materials and robots can move three-dimensionally in space thanks to a magnetic matrix:

artificial intelligence server unit

An ERP system supported by neural networks coordinates our customers’ orders as well as the various robot units in our production hall.

multiple sheets of paper with custom clothing orders

Once a user orders a design, the vertically stored fabric is transported by logistic robots via a grid to the laser cutting unit. The laser cutting systems cut the the fabric to the right measure with high-power diode lasers producing minimal material loss.

robot arm grabbing a fabric roll

robotic machine cutting fabric into pieces for sewing

fabric being placed on a table

Enabled by our innovative technology, the fabric is brought into a pre-defined position and remains in this fixed position throughout the following processes.

robot arm placing fabric on a table

This is where the magic happens.

Unfortunately we can not tell you about our business secrets, but as soon as we are done with the patenting you will learn more about it.

Making use of our technology the robot arms sew the desired garment together individually and tailor-made.

robot arm sewing a blouse

robot arm sewing a blouse

finished white blouse laying on a table

delivery package

After less than 24 hours your desired item will be sent to your home.

We do on-demand mass customization.

This method of production enables us to completely rebuild the fashion industry, because given sizes, colours and designs are no longer a prerequisite for clothing production. The robotics of AIVERAS makes it possible to align the production to the people who demand it and produce where they demand it: