The fashion business is out of date.

It’s 2019, but the way we buy clothes stands still, like there’s no such thing as technical and societal progress. We move from store to store and buy unsustainable average products. Online shops were not a turning point at all, they just created a new unsatisfactory experience. Now we buy average goods online and send them back because we don’t like them. Getting exasperated with shopping online belongs to the past. The future fashion world can be different, it can be better, brighter and simpler than we ever imagined.

Look beyond horizons and imagine …

dresses hanging from coat hooks

A fashion world characterised by comfort and boundless freedom. Check your body measurements via app, find out if it suits you and have it delivered tailor-made to your home within 2 days.

people pointing at a laptop screen

A design world that is created by people and not by companies. You will be the creator of your own unique collection and part of a global design community. Fashion will appear in all its artistry.

hand holding a leaf againt green background

A cleaner world with clean clothes. Locally produced without waste, but with fair-trade fabrics. Affordable not only for the rich, but for anyone. Each piece is only produced if it is bought and worn.

Unite the best of all worlds by technology.

AIVERAS can show you how.
This is how fashion is going to work for you:

person being scanned by a cellphone

The first step is to simply scan your body with our scan app to get your individual size. Based on your measurements, we will create a personalized avatar for you. Your avatar becomes the cornerstone of your brand new all-inclusive shopping experience.

digital 3D mesh of a person

Your avatar is the canvas on which you can design your desired garment yourself. Our 3D design tool takes you step-by-step towards your DIY garment. You can see how the outfit suits you in each step.

person sitting in front of a laptop

digital avatar wearing a white pullover

digital avatar wearing a white shirt

digital avatar wearing a white blouse with coloured flowers

sheet of paper with a custom clothing order

Once you are done with the design, you can order your own fashion that is tailored to you and delivered to your home. With our infrastructure, clothing is only made on-demand and is owned by someone from the start of production.

person wearing a white blouse with coloured flowers

All technologies merge on our platform.

You won’t be alone with your designs. You can enter a new, multifarious design world, built by designers from the whole world.

You like your clothes so much that you want to share them with others? Become part of a new design community where you can discover all the variety of designs created and shared by people from all over the world!

Before you buy an outfit, you can see how it looks on your avatar, not just in one arbitrary, but in many everyday situations. On the marketplace you can sell your biggest creations and find the best pieces from designers from all over the world! Let yourself be inspired, try everything out digitally and order perfectly fitting clothes.

many people sharing clothing designs with each other



orange arrow Founder Sven Batista Steinbach has the initial idea how to automate sewing.



orange arrow AIVERAS is founded in Bonn and our team is growing.



orange arrow We start collecting money for development.



light orange arrow The automated sewing robot is built.



light orange arrow We are able to produce clothes fully automatic.



light orange arrow DIY digitized tailoring is available for everyone.