Our Team

Sven Batista Steinbach

Sven Batista

Founder | CEO & CTO

Sven is an hard-working autodidact and engineer since childhood. He invented our innovative solution for fully automated sewing of clothing.  He is our mastermind and company leader.

Kai Müller


Authorized Officer, HR

Kai is a philosopher, technology maniac and judge of character. He is responsible for building the interdisciplinary team.

Britta Gockel


Network Management

Britta is a fast-thinking network builder. She is responsible for foreign contacts and establishing partnerships.

Lennart Reiher


Product Development & IT

Lennart is a highly talented engineer with tremendous coding skills. He has built our IT infrastructure and develops our prototype.

Mariola Szumilas


Company Culture, CSR

Mariola is doing her PhD in work culture. She supports the establishment of a sustainable corporate culture.

Jonas Reiher


Product Development & CD

Jonas is just as much a talented designer as an ambitious engineer. He has developed our corporate design and supports the development of the prototype.

Jonas Reiher


Finance & Business Development

Janis is an ambitious mathematician with experience in consulting and at Fraunhofer Institute. He is responsible for our finances and always makes sure that the numbers are right.


Our Business Angel: Francina Valls Calvet

She is Head of Human Resources at Criteria Caixa, an unlisted investment holding company, focused on managing the “la Caixa” Banking Foundation Wealth, the 3rd largest Foundation in the world. She is also Chairwoman of the Equality Opportunities Committee of the Economic Association of Catalonia (Spain) and Member of the Board. With her experience in sectors, such as Automotive, New Technologies and Venture Capital she advises us in all important questions and guides us on the long road from start-up to a successful enterprise.

Digital Hub Bonn

Digital Hub Bonn

The Hub is not just our co-working place, it is our second home. Here we find ourselves in the best company of other auspicious start-ups and get everything we need in the accelerator: An always full fruit basket, cappuccino, hot chocolate and above all advice and support from the Hub’s experienced team.

Gründerstipendium NRW

Gründerstipendium NRW

The aim of the scholarship is to promote the most innovative and forward-looking ideas—And of course this is exactly the right choice for us! As one of 500 start-ups in NRW, Germany, we are supported by the scholarship.

Bundesverband mittelständische Wirtschaft

Bundesverband mittelständische Wirtschaft

The German Association for Small and Medium-sized Businesses is a politically independent association which caters for all commercial branches and professions, and represents the interests of small and medium-sized businesses in politics, with administrative authorities, with trade unions and with major companies. We are pleased to be part of it, because small and medium-sized enterprises are the driving force behind innovation and progress in Germany.